Civil Engineering

Over 60 Years of Experience

Arendell Engineers, P.A. brings over 60 years of experience in specific practice areas including waterfront and coastal development, construction administration, environmental engineering and sustainable development, dredging and navigation engineering, coastal engineering, small craft harbor and marina engineering, and municipal engineering.

Our Mission

Deliver solutions to problems that are innovative, practical, cost-effective and efficient while distinguishing ourselves from the competition with broad ranging experience solving problems with creativity and integrity for many client and project types.


Wastewater Collection/Pumping Systems, Water Distribution Systems, Wastewater treatment, Utilities Engineering, Infrastructure assessments, Utility Rate Analysis, Wastewater pumping stations, Parking Lot Design/Parking Studies, Above Ground Storage Tanks, Street, Highway & Intersection design


Small Craft Harbors/Marinas, Waterfront/Land Development, Dredging/Navigation Engineering, Coastal Structures, Groins, Jetties, Breakwaters, Beach management, Dune Fencing & Vegetation, Shoreline Erosion Assessments, Wind & Wave Studies


Wastewater Collection/Pumping Systems, Water Distribution, Wastewater Treatment, Utility Rate Analysis, Wastewater pumping stations, Parking lot design & parking studies, Above Ground Storage Tanks